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Help Wanted: Volunteers to Help Children Move away from Temporary School Building

Tsunami-hit elementary and junior high schools in the coastal areas of Ishinomaki city are now under restoration work and so children have had a school life in temporary school buildings or classrooms offered by other schools. With the completion of the restoration work, four of nine those schools are scheduled to start giving classes in new school buildings from April 2014.

The relocation of the schools is going to be carried out by teachers and locals, but it would be a heavy workload--- so much so that it's likely to be beyond their power. JEN has been working on improving school environment since 2012, and so JEN recruits volunteers to help the teachers and locals with the relocation.

Recruitment Information:
1. Volunteer Job;
- Helping transport school equipments including student desks
- Cleaning up temporary school buildings

2. Time and Location;
*Saturday 15th March between 9:30-13:30 at Minato Junior High School - Ten volunteers are wanted.
*Saturday 22nd March between 8:40-15:30 at Minato Elementary School - Ten volunteers are wanted.
*Tuesday 25th March - Enrollment is already full.
*Wednesday 26th March - Enrollment is already full.

3. Where and how to meet;
- If you come by public transportation, please meet up in front of JEN Ishinomaki office† forty minutes before the day's work begins as JEN staff members take you to the scene.

- If you come by your car, you can go straight to the scene but please be sure 140220_8 (remember) to make an application through email or fax before.

†One minute walk from Ishinomaki station; SASADEN Building 201, Zeniaraiba 3-13, Ishinomaki-city

4. What to bring;
-Clothes that you won't bother getting dirty
-Non-slip cotton work gloves
-Indoor shoes

5. Conditions for participation;
- Participants are to come to Ishinomaki station or the scene by yourself.
- Participants are to prepare work clothing, necessary tools, lunch.
- Participants are to be covered by volunteer insurance(Please buy an insurance plan against natural disaster at your nearest Japan National Council of Social Welfare in advance; it is valid for one year from April 1 to March 31).
- Participants are to agree to sign a letter of awareness (memorandum of understanding on the participation.)
- Participants are to be over the age of 15. For the participation of minors (over 6 and under 15), their parents need to accompany them and sign a letter of awareness.

6. Application;
- Download and fill in application form→「20140129.doc」をダウンロード ,
e-mail to
volunteer@jen-npo.org or fax it. to 0225-25-5612
- Registration deadline is Thursday March 6, 2012 at 18:00.
- Application may be closed once its number reaches the limit, so please complete application as quickly as possible.

7. Number of participants;
- 10 participants every day but there is no limit to participants coming by their own cars.
- If you consider joining volunteer work in a group with over ten people, please contact us.

8. Inquiries;
- A department in charge is JEN Tohoku Division Reconstruction.
- Please contact Kondo at phone number 02225-25-5611 between 9:00-18:00 weekdays.
- On the day of volunteer work, contact Kondo at 080-3578-4234 or Ito at 080-1805-2968.

====For urgent donation…↓↓↓↓↓↓

○Postal transfer account No.: 00170-2-538657
Account holder: JEN
Please write “Tohoku Earthquake” on the liaison column.

○Credit card: http://www.jen-npo.org/en/contribute/credit.php?country=s-thk&select1=0#now
Please select “Tohoku Earthquake” from the pull-down.

For any inquiries regarding bank transfers, please contact Tomita or Asakawa in JEN Tokyo Office at 03-5225-9352

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