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Exchange Event "Reborn Garden" Held

JEN has been working on assisting children in disaster stricken areas in coalition with a charity project called "Reborn Garden". The cooperation between JEN's project and Reborn Garden project began when Ms. Miki Ando along with world's leading skaters organized Reborn Garden charity show, in March 2012.

On January 25, Ms. Miki Ando who first called for the need to launch the project came to Ishinomaki to hold an exchange party with children, they thronging around her while having lunch.

The city of Ishinomaki hardest hit by the Thohoku Earthquake still has scores of children who lead a difficult school life in which they study in temporary prehab school building or in classrooms offered by inland schools that survived the tsunami.

It was those children trying hard to keep up their spirits under such circumstances that came together to participate in the party on that day.
The party was held at an historic restaurant founded 121 years ago, which was managed to reopen in January 2013 after its disaster-struck building had been rebuilt.

【Many children in Ishinomaki came to participate in the party.】

【There was a surprise guest appearance by Miki Ando. Reporting to the reception desk, the children blinked at her.】

A total of twenty five children and their parents joined the party. Perhaps because some reunited days after long separation and others saw each other for the first time, the party began in a bit tense atmosphere. However smiling faces began to be seen a little by little everywhere while the participants were having lunch together.

【Having lunch together, the children got relaxed.】

【The children played games together.】

At the end of the two-hour party, each participant was to announce "my goal for the year." Everybody was serious about coming up with their goal.

【They are thinking of their goals to write down.】

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