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A brief monitoring report: How the tools provided by JEN are being used by the IDPs at the camp.

On 29/01/2014 a woman at the IDP camp using a pick axe donated by JEN to dig a hole to erect poles  a shelter as a rainy season is approaching. In the above picture the handle of the pick axes was removed to ease the process, and later will be fixed. 
On 30/01/2014 the above picture shows the jerry can and the wheel barrow donated by JEN to the IDP. The jerry can have been use to fetch drinking water (from a borehole dug at the camp and a water tanker which comes to the camp) and the wheel barrow has been used to carry the jerry cans, more especially pregnant women transport water from the water source using the wheel barrow.
On 03/02/20114 Dak a IDP resident using the hoe donated by JEN to clean the surrounding of the tree and to create a conducive environment for them to stay.
On 04/02/2014 IDP resident is washing their clothes using the soap produced by the TINATE soap-making group and donated by JEN to the IDP at a time of distribution.
On 31/02/2014 The above picture shows the yellow jerry can donated by JEN with a capacity of 20 litre been used for storing safe drinking water, and a cup is available.

140217_3 31/01/2014 a lady from the IDP camp using a spade donated by JEN to mix up a soil with water in order to smear the shelter or the hut. After using the tool, the lady will give it back to the Camp leader to store  it.

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