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Updates on distribution of items to IDP’s:

The meeting for the distribution of the items to the IDP’s was held, and the agenda was to identify all the materials donated by different agencies while looking at the total number of the IDP’s, and secondly the method of distributions of the items. The total number of the IDP’s have increase to 620 individuals i.e. 157 house hold within the IDP’s camp.
During the meeting, all the agencies agreed that the distribution will be carried out by the IDP’s committee’s and any organization will monitor, observed and guide the committee technically during the distribution. 

【Consultative meeting with humanitarian agencies in UNHCR compound.】

Jerry Cans;
The total number of 50 jerry cans donated by JEN is inadequate to the IDP’s, but during the meeting UNHCR have promised to top up a number of 214 jerry cans(10litres) to make a total of  264 to covered all  the number of the  IDP’s, and also six jerry cans was donated for the hand washing facility.
The team accorded that the 20litres jerry cans donated by JEN will be given to large families while the 10litres donated by UNHCR to individuals and small size families.

Buckets with lids:
Regarding buckets, JEN donated 50, Caritas donated 50 and UNHCR provided 57 which come to a total of 157, and the total number of the house hold is 157 as it was updated by UNHCR.  The distribution of the buckets will also depend on the size of the family, and will be given out tomorrow on 23/01/2014.

Soap :
JEN provided 10 cartoons, Caritas donated 2 cartoons  Which make a total of 12 cartoon by 25 bars will be 300 bars of soap, and the team accorded to distribute a half bar of soap per  individual.

Plastic sheets:
The entire cluster member accorded that the plastics sheets will be kept in UNHCR Warehouse because the IDP’s have adequate plastic sheets at the moment, or unless there are new IDP’s registered or a structure of the bathing shelter or a toilet erected then the plastic sheets will be given to them.

Materials distributed on 22/01/2014:
The cluster members together with JEN staff distributed   materials such as 10 hoes, 10 spades, 10 axes, 5 bundles of bamboo, and 10 wheel borrows, and all the tools are for communal use not for individuals and can be managed by the committee, and the tools are returnable to JEN after the IDP’S disperse.

Other materials:
The remaining materials will be distributed tomorrow after UNHCR have done the top up, and the IDP’s were inform of the distribution date 23/01/2014 at 10:00 a.m.

【The team held a brief meeting with the IDP’s  committee’s within the camp.】

See the picture below during donating the communal items to the IDP’s.

【Peter Kual a committee member within the camp registering the items donated.】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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