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Threat of elephant in East

Beneficiaries in east are suffering from wild elephants.
They say the elephants are in jangle in the daytime, but at night they appear.
In the project site of JEN, we can see the footprints.


This problem is very serious for our beneficiaries.
At certain village, all residents escaped because of the damage cause by the elephants.

Around their house, we can see some lookouts on the tree.


At night, the resident watches the arrival of elephants there in rotation.
The residences receive some crackers against the elephants from local administration.
They can drive an elephant away by it, but it’s difficult for groups.
In case elephants don’t escape, the residents have to evacuate to an elementary school made by concrete.


They can’t sleep safely.
I could know the context that the beneficiaries say they want to construct a durable house with their income generated by an agro-well.

Admin & Finance Officer Tomoo Nasuda

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January 30, 2014 in Sri Lanka |