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The warmest soul drink


Happy New Year
Thank you very much for your kindest support to JEN, I would like to appreciate on behalf of JEN Afghanistan.


The new year holiday is one of the important event in Japan to go hometown and spend time with family. But here in Islamabad, there is a similar practice after the Ramadan which we call Eid holiday, and new year is not such special days as Japan. Markets are running as usual and cold winter days are continuing as usual too. And in this cold season, Chai is the thing that helps people to warm.


In Japan, Chai is normally thought as a tea from India, but it is also common here in Pakistan since the era of British England. The price is around 10 to 20 cents per cup, and everyone used to take few cups every day.


It seems like a tea we can easily make with teabag and sugar in our kitchen, but I can be sure the taste is totally different. Some put ginger, cardamom and many other types of spice. There is hundreds of variation, and to have one cup after shopping in a cold night is one of my fun in this season.





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