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Sustainability of school hygiene education in Otogo Payam primary schools

The sustainability of school hygiene education in this current project,  supported by JPF that is implemented in Otogo Payam of Yei River County, lies in the hands of the school administration and the trained Hygiene Teachers through involvement of the school hygiene club members.

I Mr. Bejur Paul Anthony interviewed the Hygiene teacher of Yembe Primary school, Mr. Joseph Juma Ginya as to how they will keep on implementing and sustaining the hygiene education program in their school.


He stated that, for school hygiene education to last longer in their school, they have decided to introduce some income generating activities like agricultural activities such as growing of DURA (sorghum), which in turn will generate some little income that will help them to be able to buy some required hygiene materials such as brushes, basins, soap to mention but a few.

Integration of hygiene education to other activities carried out in the school like agricultural activities helps the students to start developing a spirit being able to do things for themselves not always seeking for external support from NGOs.


With the help of the school hygiene club, it’s worth easy for us to supervise the hygiene education and some of the mentioned agricultural activities since they are the current and immediate supervisors of the entire school.

With the above mentioned,  I  Bejur Paul Anthony JEN Hygiene Promoter, will continue to encourage the school administration of Yembe Primary school to go ahead with the initiative of cultivation and grow both cereals and vegetables, which when they sell, they will be able to support themselves in one way or the other.


Written by Bejur Paul Anthony
Hygiene Promoter
Yei Project

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January 16, 2014 in South Sudan |