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Sustainability in humanitarian projects/JEN Projects

Sustainability could be defined as an ability of something to be maintained or to sustain itself and continued forever. JEN pay special attention to the sustainability of its activities. While chalking out the policies, every activity is analyzed against two main attributes of sustainability. First, the activity should be continued even after the withdrawal of JEN. It means that community should take responsibility to keep that activity ongoing. The second part of JEN sustainable activities ensure that no such activity should be undertaken which deteriorates the natural resources.

The ideal example of JEN sustainable activity is formation of SMC in the schools. JEN staff initially trained the local community about how to carry out the developmental activity for the betterment of their own schools. JEN staff trained the local community in such a way that they should take the ownership of the process .The community should take the lead and carry out the activity in the long run.

It is very encouraging that all SMCs have now proper filing system after JEN intervention. Besides, they conduct meetings on regular basis. According to field staffs monitoring visits, SMCs in previous year’s schools still play an important role in the betterment of the schools and students. Apart from that all SMCs pledged that they will carry out the future developmental works in their respective schools.

For example in the Qalai Nasro High school (District Bagram) where JEN constructed class rooms, latrines and water reservoir in 2012, SMC built a boundary wall by their own efforts after JEN project. They also made a concrete water channel for a stream which flows through the school to irrigate the village’s lands. They planted flowers and trees in the school to increase the beauty of the school.  SMC mobilized the entire community to collect money for the cause. The poor people of the community contributed in the form of labor. SMC and community were so proud and said that they will continue their efforts to sustain the developmental works initiated by JEN.
Department of education is also very enthusiastic about the activity. Because if the SMCs sustained for a longer period of time it will not only help department of education economically but also improve the quality of education throughout the province.

[Boundry wall built by SMC in Qalai Nasro High School in District Bagram]


[Concrete passage for stream water]

Hanief Khan
Senior Programme Assistant
Islamabad JEN Office

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