Best Now to Joy Your Taste Buds: "Sasunohama's Oyster Cafe; Hama-yu" Opens

"Sasunohama's Oyster Cafe Hama-yu" in Sasunohama, Ishinomaki, opened for its business of this year on Sunday the 15th of December. During the best season for oysters from December to around the end of February, fishermen directly serve customers grilled oysters as they do every year.
The forecast had called for the first snowfall of this year on the opening day which would hurt customer traffic, and so it was only after much worry that six groups of thirteen gusts visited and enjoyed fresh oysters.

Oysters are usually marketed after two years of cultivation, but Sasunohama's oysters are characterized by hitting markets in just one year. That gives oyster meat concentration of flavor and so it is very rich and tastes good.
Mr. Hosokawa, the head of the Ishinomaki Fisheries Cooperative's Executive Committee for Oyster Cafe, recommended oysters saying "I'd like you to enjoy the natural flavor of oysters."

【Visitors had comfortable chats until oysters were baked.】

The first guest was a married couple who visited Ishinomaki on a sightseeing trip. Mr. Hosokawa shelled baked oysters with rapidity for them.
The couple was just like a kid in a candy store to see oysters with springy palatability in front of them. He ate the oysters in no time saying "I don't like oyster itself so much, but the oysters here are sweet and really tasty."

【The oysters were so delicious that the guests just ate them up right up.】

I found two couples who came from Shizuoka and Tochigi seated round a table. They say, during their visit to Ishinomaki on business, they found the signboard of the oyster cafe and walked into it. They enjoyed oysters in different ways; savoring sake filled in shells of finished oysters, oysters with a twist of lemon placed on the table. They were heard to say "They are small compared with oysters we usually eat, but essential flavor is packed into them and so makes them very delicious; I'd like to come again."

【Oysters can be appreciated in many ways.】

After continued dialogues among fishermen and residents in Sasunohama, they finally managed to open this oyster cafe as a first step toward the restoration of their community.
Contained in the cafe is their wish that it serves as a trigger for as many people as possible to visit, enjoy fascinating Sasunohama as well as oysters.
Why don't you take a trip to the oyster cafe to harvest sea products only in winter, they are well worth a visit.

"Sasunohama's Oyster Cafe Hama-yu" is now open!
Location: 300 meters away from Sant Juan Park, in front of the JF Ishinomaki branch office
Address: Sasu, Watanoha, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken
Store hours: Every Sunday 11:30a.m.-2:30p.m. From January 12 to February

Please contact Mr. Hosokawa (the head of Executive Committee for Oyster Grill)
at 090-8256-1376.

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