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Report on the distribution of Households items for the IDP’s on 23/01/2014

The compositions of the team for distribution of the household items are as follows;
• Louis Andruga -------------------------- Protection officer – UNHCR.
• Angelo Diuk ---------------------------- Coordinator – CARITAS.
• Robert Mori ----------------------------- Project Officer – JEN.
• Kibo Dominic ---------------------------- Adm/logistics – JEN.
• Celestino Atama ----------------------- Hygiene Promoter – CARITAS.

List of items distributed to the IDP’s:

1 Jerry Cans 50 0 220 270
2. Buckets 50 50 214 100
3. Washing Soaps 500 100 20 620 half bars.
4. Blanket 0 50 226 276
5. Sleeping mat 0 50 226 276
6. Mosquito nets 0 0 276 276
7. Kitchen sets 0 0 138 138
Total 600 250 1270 1956
The above pics show the plastics buckets donated by JEN and ready to be distributed, and the IDP’s committees were well organized to support the humanitarian team in the distribution of the materials.

The pics above show the soap produced locally by Tinate group in Yei County whom they were trained by JEN to carry out the soap production for promotion of hand washing.  In the soap distribution, a bar of soap is divided into two (2) half in order to cover all the IDP’s which is 620 individuals within the camp.  A member of the IDP’s thank the organizations for the provision of soap for washing clothes, dishes as well as bathing, and she appreciated the half bar per person than having nothing. You can see the IDP’s committee members are dividing a bar of soap to a half bar.
The above pics show a family size of 3 to 7 have received the 20 litres jerry cans and a bucket with a lid donated by JEN,and   the cluster members  agreed that small family size ranging from 1 to 2 will received a 10 litres jerry cans and a small bucket donated by UNHCR.  A member of the family stated that the bucket with lid will be a storage for drinking water and the jerry will be for fetching water.
The above pics was taken during the distribution and it show that there is high need of  jerry can as they  took it immediately   to fetch water that was brought by UNHCR. The IDP’S appreciated JEN, UNHCR and CARITAS for the support rendered to them as the jerry can are inadequate for them to fetch water more especially the larger family  size, but now there are happy to receive more jerry cans, so that one will be for fetching water and the other for  storage.
The distribution was carried out successfully without any complained from the IDP’s. The plastic sheets will be distributed base on the demand of the IDP’s as well as a new comer to the camp.  The criteria to give are to have a structure of a tukol, Otherwise the plastics sheets will still be in the warehouse of UNHCR. Finally they appreciated JEN, UNHCR and Caritas for the support, and they will make sure the materials given to them are used effectively more especially the digging tools to ensure clean environment and to promote hygiene.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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