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Humanitarian Coordination in Pakistan

Humanitarian Coordination is regarded a cornerstone for International non-profits to successfully operate programs in any disaster affected country. From humanitarian access to latest security updates and from avoiding duplication in the affected area to reach the most vulnerable people are the attributes of strong humanitarian coordination. 

Being an International non-profit, JEN coordinates mainly on 3 grounds i.e. Government, Humanitarian Organizations and Security Department.

At federal level, JEN interacts with Economic Affairs Division to get approval for working across the country. At provincial level JEN is bound to get No Objection Certificate from Provincial/FATA Disaster Management Authorities for working in KP province and FATA region respectively. At district/agency level JEN coordinates its work plans and activities progress with Assistant Commissioner and Assistant Political Agent.

In humanitarian sector, JEN coordinates issues/results related to access with UNOCHA. JEN shares its plans and progress with Food Security Cluster chaired jointly by FAO/WFP and WASH Cluster chaired by UNICEF through attending monthly meetings and sharing 4Ws reports. JEN staff attends training organized by UN agencies e.g. Humanitarian Access, Food Security, Multi-Sectoral Initial Rapid Assessment etc.

To ensure safety and security of program staff, JEN attends meetings called by Pakistan Humanitarian Forum. JEN is chair of Provincial INGOs security forum based at Peshawar. For transparent operations, JEN coordinates with representatives of government security agencies of the country. 

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