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Celebration the New Year in Iraq

The bad situation in Iraq especially the instabe security situation impact on the celebration of the new year …. In the past ... most families go to clubs… but these days ... every two families or more gather together in one house to celebrate.

Iraqis celebrate in general and Christians in particular, in putting the Christmas trees in their houses and their shops as well as decorating most of the streets.
The habits of Iraqi families are preparing a dining table contain different types of foods and desserts... and they put the Christmas cake in the middle with candles, In addition to wearing a family member as Santa and gives gifts to family members, especially children.



Everyone remembers the happy and sad memories, and the work done by them during the last year and their wishes for the New Year.

This occasion is opportunity for tolerance and love and also an opportunity for reconciling between two disputing parties.

When approaching the time at midnight, the Family members gather to pray and supplication for the safety and healing of the sick and protect their country from the evils… then they share their congratulations.

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January 30, 2014 in Iraq |