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4 years have passed since the earthquake disaster

12 January 2014, was the 4th anniversary of an event that we don’t celebrate but it’s in all Haitian minds. 4 year after the earthquakes where are we standing up. Recently an interesting national survey was published concerning the humanitarian response. The main objective was to confirm if the beneficiaries were well targeted and if the NGOs did match the needs of the population. This study covers a long period after the event was realized across the country through more than 1 million individual, for a population estimated around 10 million people (2013).

What was highlighted is that the majority was satisfied by the humanitarian response at 70%. On the top of the list the “free medical services” was the most appreciated. In a country where the care assistance is poor as well as the quality of services (well before the earthquake and still now) this is totally comprehensive. Still today this services provided by national and international organization is really appreciated by the population. However we should not forget that belief is strongly present in Haiti and that traditional medicine is largely used by the population.

At the second place, that we call NFI (Non Food Item) distribution. That can be included in this section it’s the provision of wood, plastic sheeting, sheet metal…more or less what was provided right away to build the first shelters. Even if today few shelter camps are still present, the majority of people could find a permanent house.

In my mind I can remember that media and politics just after the event, where already talking about rebuilding Haiti. 4 years later it’s hard to say that Haiti is built and the politics speeches just confirm.

Nevertheless the contrast is clear and there is no doubt. A recent article in news was doing the apology of a health care center. So far nothing really impressive except that this health care center claim to be the biggest hospital totally powered by solar panel, fully equipped with new materials. Moreover the exceeding electricity is sent to the network.

Such unrealistic project is almost impossible even in my “developed country”. It’s a shame that “developing countries” are the show case of new technologies or drugs. Here is a good example. But trust me the opposite is much more often and the victim are still the same.

Ludovic Blanco
Head of Office in Haiti

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