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Using community resources

MARTIN LOKOLO JUSTIN is JEN economic empowerment assistant Yei central e equatorial state South Sudan he is 29 years old married and has three children his main tasks are to be responsible for the day to day implementation of JENs empowerment project in Yei county and develop grass roots training, packaging and marketing programs on soap making.


Examining resources limitations: Most organization works within limited resources and budget and the project are subjected to similar constrains. Anew project may entail an extravagant use of resources, so one will need to make sure that they really would be available. But the success of the project depends on the level of the resources that is likely to be locally available.

Looking in to using existing processes or resources: In order to reduce project time –scale, it is important to look at what is currently exists for example other department may have plan for change in an associated area that one could capitalize on, product part that would avoid the need to invent something new. It is important to consider these issues and reuse as much as possible. It is rarely a good idea to start from scratch, no matter how appealing that may seem


The photo above showing the Tinate Ombasi soap making group soap products. Analyzing what resources the group will need and whether they can afford them in absence of JEN looking at the resources the group need for the soap making most of them are locally available they can get within the community and others that are not locally manufactured can be found in the market this means the group will be self-reliant no only that the group was given a lot of trainings.

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