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The 4th "Come to Join Fishing Event: Oyster Harvest Festival; Oysters Now in Season" Takes Place

The fourth "Come to Join Fishery Event" hosted by Higashihama planning committee was held at Sudachihama on the Oshika Peninsula on December 1.
Now that this is the season to enjoy oysters, all-oyster dishes feature the fourth event.
A lot of plans were worked out at the event  including touring an oyster farm, experiencing oyster shelling, exchanging with middle-aged women and young fishermen in Higashihama's community while feasting on oyster dishes, making the event special and unique to the oyster season.

【After listening to precautions on board from fishermen, participants headed for an oyster farm.】

It usually takes two years until oysters are ready to ship; during the first year oysters are cultivated in inshore farms with gentle waves and for the second year in offshore farms with restless waves.

The tour featured visits to both farms.

【When ropes of two-year-old oysters were hauled, whereupon they found large oysters!】

【Harvested two-year-old oysters】

After harvesting oysters, the participants experienced shelling oysters with the guidance of the people in Higashihama.
We usually eat already-shelled oysters available at stores and so the participants seemed to have difficulties in the first-time experience of their shelling oysters. They were much surprised to hear that fishermen can shell 3-5 oysters per second.

【They are trying oyster shelling!】

By the time they finished shelling oysters, middle-aged women in Higashihama had already prepared lunch, waiting for them to sit at the lunch table.

【Wonderful local oyster dishes were served!】

Cooking of oysters served on this day was abundant in variety such as grilled oysters, rice assorted with blue mussels, miso soup with oysters and laver, fried oysters as well as steamed oysters or an oyster hot pot at the table using oysters that are shelled by the participants, proving to be luxurious all-oyster dishes.

They seemed greatly pleased with fresh oyster dishes, for one of the children who said "I only have fried oysters at home" ate a number of grilled oysters or the other child said "I couldn't like fried oysters but I can now eat them."
Among the participants were those who had participated before, and so the participants and people in Higashihama enjoyed taking with each other, for the day passing by happily.

The day went by surprisingly fast; before the participants say good-bye, each participant expressed their thanks or feedbacks to the people in Higashihama.

It's scheduled to hold next Come to Join Fishery Event in March when wakame (soft seaweed) is in season. The executive committee wants many people to participate and enjoy the nature of the Oshika peninsula and fresh seafood. So, why not come and join the event next time?

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