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Life change activity by JEN in FATA

According to SPHERE standard per person needs at least 15 litters water per day for drinking, domestic hygiene and for personal hygiene.  Government is responsible to provide this basic need to the people but in developing or under developed countries usually people can’t have enough water for their daily use. Same case is in Pakistan and people in the rural areas specially are facing problem of water.

In FATA the women are supposed to arrange water for kitchen and for other domestic use. One woman brings 25 to 30 liter water per trip from far and sometimes even more then1 KM away. The women life in FATA is miserable comparatively to men. The conflict bring another failure for this marginalized community, that the water supply to the nearby village or the spring are demolished or partially damaged. So this was another awful situation.


JEN water supply scheme was a miracle for the villagers. One of the women from Staro Pakha Kalay  Bibi Janat told to JEN staff.

‘After we came back from IDP camp to our home we found that our house is demolished, the livestock were lost. Bed, clothes, everything we left over in the house was not usable anymore or it was disappeared. Drinking water source was also not working anymore because of any maintenance for long time. That time I look up to sky and pray to God for help.  We face very difficult to bring the water from faraway. Even during month of Holy Ramadan and having with fasting we carry 20 to 30 liters.

JEN and JEN staff are angels for us, and this scheme was our pray which we made to God, So the God send you all to us. “

She further added that now she herself or her children are filling the water from the water tape installed very near to their house.


JEN FATA Kurram Office , Field Officer, 
Mehnaz bibi

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December 5, 2013 in Pakistan |