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Come to the end of the year 2013

Here it is the end of the year. Time to draw up a report of the year.

Before that I would like to share with you one of my professional experience. I had the chance to attend a meeting that introduced to the audience the success of an international known priest, which during more than 30 years has conducted programs to realize artificial lakes where the stress in water was high. Forget about is faith, the results are astonishing. The benefice obtained are divers as well as on agriculture, fishery, environment, drinking water…It’s rare to have program so complete that affect several fields.

Such positive thing is so rare that we have to mention it. That brings me to the core of my point. Let’s look back on the year 2013 and see the positive points that I can remember.

First of all this year Haiti was spared by natural disaster. I guess all of you think about earthquake but cyclones are devastating. I do not minimize earthquake but Haiti is the crossroad of the cyclone from Africa, the north of the Caribbean, the south of the Caribbean and the golf of Mexico. Even if Haiti was threatened by several cyclones we were lucky that we didn’t have to experience any of them.

Second point and that is the one of the consequences of the first one. The harvest of the year was very good. This very good news reduces the stress on food in several parts on Haiti, reduce locally the inflation. The climate was in favor of the farmer. We are far from the time that Haiti exported goods but it can be a good start.

The last time I mentioned the environment, it’s armless to do it again. It’s still shy but the laws exist even if it’s not carry on systematically. But people are talking about it in the press you can notice that major towns want to take action on this matter. And again I remember my first days and I can’t compare with today.

Over all of this, even if it’s sensitive to talk about it the actual government is still present. With all difficulties that faces Haiti to be in the government of Haiti should not be easy every day. But what need a country if not political stability. This year wasn’t a break for the government. But at the end of the year the President published the “election law” what calm down the tension. The youngest haven’t known a president which could complete is mandate. It’s too early to say that he will do it but as the purpose of this paper, let’s be positive especially when we know the positive impact. Haiti by geographical location can take advantage on economy and of course tourism. And this government did understand and declared that few cities will be developed trough out it.

The other major positive point of political stability is of course the security. We can’t deny that the security is better every day. The data shows that the situation compare to the previous year (2012) is much better.

To conclude this paper here are my 2014 wishes for Haiti. First of all I really hope that the population will not experience a natural disaster, and my things go to the Philippines’. Secondly, that political stability will be confirmed, to leave the floor to the development. And for the point that I didn’t mention, that the healthcare will be improved as well as the human right.

Ludovic Blanco
Head of Office in Haiti

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December 26, 2013 in Haiti |