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Al-Zawra Park for Games

The park in Baghdad where people can relax will be a topic today as to introduce the daily life of people in Iraq.

Al-Zawra Park is a large area located on the centre of Baghdad; the park includes a large green area and comfortable sitting places, restaurants, water fountains, lake, zoo and games city which has several games for children and youth.


Many families and school pupils visit the games city at Al-Zawra every day and people spend a nice time especially in holidays. The price of games is ranged between $1 for kids and $4 for youth. It looks better after installing 15 new moderate games. Main building and services are in progress to be built.


Several take-away restaurants are distributed all over Al-Zawra Park and games city so that people are not urged to leave the Park. Many W.C. units can be seen as well. The services at the Park within acceptable level and needs more interesting, the games city sends invitations to all schools in Baghdad to let them visit the park for playing with discount game prices.

People can relax in the park much more than before even though public security is still unstable.

On the other hand, Al-Zawra Park has no main drainage pipe system, so the Park was filled with water at the last rainfall in Baghdad in November 2013, in spite of existing of large green area and lake. It is required to install drainage sewage pipes at all the Park for rain water.
The Park is in need for more maintenance and services in order to serve comfort for the people who visit the park.

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December 5, 2013 in Iraq |