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A New Project!

JEN Haiti started a new water and hygiene project on the first of December, with financial assistance from the Japanese Foreign Ministry and support from you all. We plan to carry out the project over eight months to solve the water and hygiene issues in Haiti, with three approaches: ensuring access to safe water; establishing a sustainable maintenance management system for water supply facilities by local residents; and promoting better hygiene to prevent diarrhoea and cholera.

The project includes first fixing a 6 km-long water conduit, then building nine kiosk-style water stations and a water tank whose water will be taken from the conduit. This will provide local residents with access to safe water. Kiosk-style water station is box-shaped, with one to three water taps on the outside. Kiosk keeper has charge of water supply; local residents can take water from the taps and pay a fee by the bucket.

【Unusable faucet】

【Water tank】

【Kiosk-style water station】


 We also construct and enhance a framework as well as forming a water committee so that local residents will be able to sustainably maintain the water stations. Water committee members are elected by local residents and collect usage fee from them. This framework is expected to contribute to long-term maintenance management of water supply facilities by local residents.

【Election of water committee members】

【Water committee training】

  We also support local residents to recognise risks related to public hygiene and acquire knowledge, which will help to prevent diarrhoea and cholera infection. Volunteer hygiene promoters are recruited from local residents and build their knowledge of hygiene through our training. Meanwhile local residents can improve hygiene knowledge and hygienic habit through home visits and campaigns mainly by the volunteer hygiene promoters.

【Volunteer hygiene promoter training】

【Hygiene promotion campaign】

 We would greatly appreciate your continuing support for residents in Haiti.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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