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Recruits Receive Training in Disaster Areas

JEN coordinated an arrangement for thirty-three new employees from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to make a social contribution as part of employee training at Minamisanrikucho for three days from October 22.

【The construction of a sea bank is going on matter-of-routinely at Shidugawa, Minamisanriku. The rattling of heavy machines was echoing.】

On day 1 of the training, after an inspection tour to Onagawa, Ishinomaki, the trainees headed for Minamisanrikucho where they were going to undergo training. JEN arranged for them to listen to local residents tell of their disaster-time experiences and to receive explanations about JEN's reconstruction support programs.

On day2-3, they helped fishermen at Minamisanriku Fishery Production Cooperative in their fishing activities.

For long time fishery had normally been done on an individual basis, but the disaster annihilated the fishery system and so twelve fishermen came together to form the cooperative and restarted their fishing operation under cooperative management system after the disaster.

The system has enabled them to make large scale equipment investments and improve work efficiency, raising hopes from various sectors to create a new type of fishery business.
Hoping to revitalize their home town by providing not only stable life for fishermen but jobs for young people who have left their home town, they have been making day-to-day efforts to reconstruct fishery.
The trainee split up into groups to work on making weights for aqua farming, planting oyster seeds, removing acorn barnacles of oyster shells and so on.

【Recruits' help to aqua farming: October is a high season for preparing for harvesting marine products.】


In this season, the fishery settlement is very busy with fishery work such as planting seeds of brown seaweed, kelp and sea squirt, making ropes of young scallops and so on. Mr. Sasaki with the cooperative said to JEN "Of course, volunteers are of great help to us , but more than that, we are very happy that what they see in front of their eyes at the production site of marine products reminds them about us when they go shopping sea foods at supermarkets."

When Mr. Endo, the president of the cooperative, said "'There is nothing more important than my coworkers.', 'I can keep going because of them.', 'It makes no difference whether they are coworkers or visitors like volunteers, people-to-people tie is what matters most.'", the new employees nodded their vigorous agreement.

Sanriku shoreline's fisheries continue facing many difficulties such as damaged port facilities, the loss of people who should have bore fisheries, harmful rumors and so on.
JEN thinks that it's of great value to get as many people as possible to visit affected areas to see what's going on there and connect people there.

【After three days of training】

The new employees were heard to give their impressions of the three-day training---quote---"'I could get a feeling that volunteers can be of help for sure.', 'I've got their strong feelings that they welcome many more people to see affected areas and let others know about them. I think it's important to let others know what I've observed or heard about here.', 'I was able to learn important things that have a lot in common with any job such as how to work as a team, how to respond to changes or how to keep your spirit. I sincerely came to think that we also must work hard.'"

It seems the training has provided the new employees with valuable opportunities for learning and raising awareness.

【They became very friendly indeed during the two-day work.♪】

Placing great value on connecting victims directly with those people who want to support Tohoku and on helping build face-to-face relationships, JEN continues assisting trainings like this.


◆JEN continues recruiting volunteers to assist earthquake disaster reconstruction.
The planned volunteer activities for September-December period have been renewed.
For details, click here.

If you consider joining volunteer work in a group, please contact us.

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