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Questionnaire Surveys

In every work it is necessary to make an assessment to know the results of the work … and this is the case in all the organization projects that have been implemented in Iraq.

JEN’s current project in Iraq worked on rehabilitating facilities and promoting hygiene education at 10 schools in 5 governorates. As we have completed the rehabilitations and hygiene campaigns (hygiene education workshops for teachers, hygiene kit distributions, etc.) for all schools, we proceeded with identifying the change brought by our project by having students and headmasters take questionnaire surveys. This questionnaire, prepared by JEN staff, was completed by headmasters at each school and 10 students from each grade at every school. These same questionnaires surveys were done before the initiation of the project so that we can identify the changes in answers. In this way, we will be able to assess the impact of our project.

[The headmaster responding to the questionnaire survey]

We found out that most of the objectives of this project had been achieved, like our previous projects had. We also were able to receive appreciations from school administrations after each school recognized positive changes in the school environments. These changes included more students having hygienic behaviors and following hygienic practices, and becoming more interested in maintaining their personal hygiene and clean school environments. It is a great pleasure to us to see students write down positive answers on the surveys and to see joy and happiness on their faces while they sing a song to appreciate our works.

[Students answering the questionnaire]

And all teachers and students ask us to pass on their gratitude and appreciation to JEN in particular and the Japanese people in general.

JEN Baghdad
Administration Manager
Thikra J. Al- Najar

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