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People still remember JEN

We still remember 2 earthquakes in Pakistan which killed thousands of people and destroyed infrastructure badly. JEN responded to both the earthquakes and supported the community. First earthquake 2005 was in Kashmir and KPK and JEN worked there for 3 years. Second earthquake 2008 was in Ziarat, Baluchistan. There are some similarities in both the earthquakes. They happened in the same month of October which is the beginning of extreme cold weather and both the earthquakes hit the mountainous areas where the access was extremely difficult and there is always snowfall in winters.
JEN has supported thousands of affected people in both earthquakes and there are a lot of stories but the following is one of the stories which made us proud as worker of JEN!

Mr.  Jalat is a poor farmer of Union Council Kach in Ziarat. His house was fully destroyed in 2008 earthquake. He has a 90 years old mother, wife and 4 children. He was using/sharing the room of his brother until JEN provided him winterized tent, Hygiene kit, Kitchen set and Debris removal kit. JEN also supported him to install the tent properly for long term use. He immediately shifted to the tent with his family after its installation. JEN didn’t continue working in Baluchistan and closed the office soon after the project finished.

Recently JEN staffs visited the same area again for survey of the area and met Mr. Jalat accidently on the road while meeting with other farmers. He insisted JEN staffs to visit his home to have a cup of tea with them and to see how he is using his tent. We went inside and we were surprised to see that the tent which we provided 5 years ago is still standing there and Mr. Jalat and his family is still using it. He said he is not only one who is still using tent but there are many other families also. He has built his room but he still sleeps in the tent with his children. We asked the reason but he didn’t have proper reason. Maybe he is still in trauma of earthquake and feeling insecure under the big roof. 




Why we are proud?
1.We see the success of our project.
2.We see the happiness of beneficiaries.
3.We see the result what we were expecting (proper use of our tent).
4.We see that people in those areas still remember JEN in good way.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

November 7, 2013 in Pakistan |