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Leaving Haiti again!

Once again I’m about to leave JEN Haiti “for good”!

Following a first stay between March 2010 and July 2011, I am now ending my second stay with JEN Haiti (March 2012- 16 November 2013).

Writing these dates make me realize I already spent 3 years in total in the country!

3 years during which I saw so many changing and improvements!

From the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake to the current situation almost 4 years later so many things happened!

Hurricanes Tomas in 2010, Isaac and Sandy in 2012, the unfortunate cholera outbreak of October 2011, the controversial election of President Martelly   or the different political crisis, civil unrest or complicated relationship with neighboring Dominican Republic have been interesting but intense experiences!

Intense as all these situation were adding on the situation of a country already having problems to recover from the devastating earthquake!

Despite all these problems Haiti has been moving forward steadily and it is difficult today to imagine it took us up to 5 hours to reach Grand Goave from Port au Prince when it only takes 2 hours today!

Difficult to imagine as well all these spontaneous camp along the national road and on dark public squares while the rest of the affected cities looked like bombed with debris all over.

Today most people have been re-localized, squares and road have been renovated/rebuilt and even have light at night through batteries charged by solar panel.

Lots of changing work wise for me and JEN Haiti during the period as well!

I started as Program Officer on a distribution project funded by Japan Platform, was Head of Sub Office on WASH projects funded by JPF and JICA, came back as Head of Project on JICA/YEC project of renovation of the streets of Leogane centre before becoming Head of Office of the mission.

All in all I lived and worked in 4 different offices in Port au Prince, 1 in Grand Goave and 2 in Leogane where the entire team is now regrouped!

A team that is finishing the first project funded by the ministry of foreign affairs of Japan after 7 projects funded by Japan Platform and 3 by JICA!
I wish JEN Haiti will implement many more project and wish good luck to my colleagues for the future!
A French quote says “never 2 without 3”!
I can’t say I’ll come back to Haiti in the future but I’m sure I won’t forget this difficult but fascinating country!


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