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Interview to beneficiary in East

We displaced due to war in 2006 and returned in 2010, now live in the village called Thangavelyuthapuram which is in the Thirukkovil DS division, Ampara district in the Eastern province, an isolated village. There are 6 members in our family, three daughters and a son. My husband as suffered from Diabetes, he is unable to do any hard work. 

[Beneficiary in Thangavelayuthapuram]

As my husband is unable to do hard work, I do the labor work like removal of gram in paddy field, selling vegetable leaves grown in the forest during the dry season and receive small income. This income is enough hand to mouth only. This is the only source of income for us. Other than this our income produce depends on rain water. If rain comes, we do chena cultivation (high land crop cultivation like ground nut, maize). In case no sufficient rainfall, we have to migrate other villages for odd jobs.  We are practicing this way for a long time because we have no support to do a sustainable income produce in our village. I am trying to give education to my children to maximum level Due to lack of facilities many parents stop educating their children.

But I do not want to do that.I want to give the best to educate my children. I need to find a permanent and sustainable income producing mechanism to do that. If JEN provides water supply I can make a small home garden and start to grow vegetables and produce income. This is my first wish, then to utilize income to feed my children. My second wish is that by doing home gardening, I will make my children realize how am to suffer to educate them which will encourage them in their studies and think what they want do in future.

But, we are now in utter distress. As we reside in a hut, rain water ooze from the roof. The books of students get wet due to rain water. The attacks by wild Elephants to our village are frequent and due to this we can’t sleep well at night. Due to this villagers get together and sleep in one place. Our very important and basic need is house and water.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

November 14, 2013 in Sri Lanka |