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Interview to beneficiary in East (Part2)

I reside in a village called as Kompaikarachchi, and am doing agriculture since my young age. This village is situated 12 Kilo meters away from the main road. We have no transportation facility either from the State or Individuals. My family is constituted with three members and my family members extend their support for my involvement in agriculture. As my son too involve and show keen interest in doing agriculture along with us, and as nature of my residential place is conducive and lot of opportunities available to involve in agriculture rather than taking up other jobs, we earn our income from agriculture.  As because I do not have any least intension of sending my son for other or foreign employment, my son assist me to recover from the affect erupted due to war, and to experience the peace of mind.

I am compelled to face several problems in my employment. For example, Elephants, Pigs not only damage the crops but also damage the dwelling places as well.
As far as my village concerned, water scarcity is also a problem to do cultivation. Hence there is opportunity to do crop cultivation from January to April, as water flows in a small canal in the close proximity of my house, and I avail this opportunity to do the crops cultivation, as it is the source of our livelihood. As no adequate water available after April, I am compelled to not only leave out this job, but also unable to do alternative job due to my bad condition of my health, and during the dry season I manage to use the amount saved .and using the portion of food retained from the crops and the dried fish kept for use in dry season.  Though we eat with care with preplanning, it is very difficult to release from the damage caused by the Elephants and the high cost of living.

I will plan to utilize the whole piece of land for vegetable cultivation after water facility is provided by JEN agro well and to do cultivation in the whole year. We live in a small temporary hut and hence my son is very keen to build a brick house in future.   


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November 28, 2013 in Sri Lanka |