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Improve WASH in Otogo Payam Yei County

I am Kwame Emmanuel, JEN WASH Program Project officer; I joined JEN in July 2013 to manage the WASH program of Yei.


I have more than 15 years’ experience in the WASH sector, I am water resources specialties, I worked for the Government of South Sudan in Urban water cooperation since 1985, then join the INGOs in Sudan, I departed to Sudan from Juba since 1992 because of insecurity while their I join the INGOs starting from MFS Holland, Goal Ireland, IRC, CARE International in Sudan, ACF France providing WASH support to the international Displaced Southern in the camps around Khartoum, later I Joined joined UNICEF in South Sudan Wau, then CHF International in Juba until July 2013 I employed by JEN.

In all these years I was involved in management of WASH different sectors of activities for the IDPs.

Working for JEN in the WASH sector will help me improve my experience, develop and put into action and practice that knowledge I gain from other NGOs.

I will help the community of Otogo Payam Yei County in gain access to good hygiene, safe drinking water, sanitation and improve school environment in terms of hygiene practices and develop a strong hygiene clubs to manage the hygiene of the schools even at community level, I will also strengthen community management of water sources in terms of sustainability and cost sharing.

One of the important aspects also supporting the Government sector in terms of capacity building for rural water staff in Yei County by helping the sector to develop activity mapping for WASH actors in Yei County to avoid duplication, water quality monitoring and in conducting WASH assessment as well data entry and analysis.

In the other view of the program, the community hygiene situation in Otogo Payam villages needs support in terms of improvement in hygiene practices, environmental sanitation by developing hygiene monitoring tools to monitor the situation improvement as well awareness with the involvement of the community especially community participation in management of WASH facilities as well define better hygiene practices with the community in each location. 

To improve WASH in the community needs better understanding of the community behaviours and practices of handling WASH facilities, which will been address and seen in the coming months.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

November 14, 2013 in South Sudan |