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JEN is working for IDPs of SWA in D.I.Khan since 2011. JEN implemented 2 livelihood improvement projects so far in D I Khan and the 3rd one is in progress. To improve the knowledge and skill of beneficiaries, JEN included a most important activity of
Livestock sessions with beneficiaries in current project.
The total number of beneficiaries which will be covered in this project is 960 who will be provided Livestock sessions. The livestock sessions are delivered by the expert from District livestock department. As per standard each direct session covered approximately 25 beneficiaries, so the total number of the direct sessions to be held is 40. The venue for direct sessions is provided voluntarily by beneficiaries locally.



It is observed by JEN staffs and trainer that the IDPs are keenly interested to attend the livestock sessions. The presence of the beneficiaries is ensured through strong social mobilization and engagement of LRC members. 

Direct session is the result oriental extension activity. This activity has created awareness in the beneficiaries how to keep goats, their housing, management and tackle some emergency ailments. It can decrees frequency of morbidity and mortality.

Comparable to the last years, the knowledge and awareness has been adorned to the low level rather than to rely only on LEWs. Technical experts and veterinarian have tried their best to make these beneficiaries capable of keeping these animals.

Now double fruitful results comparable to last project are expected.   

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

November 21, 2013 in Pakistan |