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Attitude and behaviour change

Bringing changes in attitudes and behaviors of the community is the main goal of most humanitarian projects. For this purpose JEN’s managers chalk out a programme to focus on the behavior of the community and bring long term changes in their attitude and behavior.

Generally people don’t pay much attention to the daily hygiene practices and that leads to different types of diseases.

The main strategy of the JEN’s hygiene education programme funded by JPF is to train the teachers and mullahs about the daily hygiene practices. This training will not only bring changes in their attitude and behavior but they will also transmit these practices to the community.

[Teachers Training_Hand washing with soap by a teacher _Nawi Shikh Ali Boys High  In Shikh Ali]

To further strengthen the strategy JEN introduced the concept of mobile cinema, which is very unique initiative. Our field officers conducted mobile cinema shows in the schools .In these shows, different cartoons and movies were shown to the students regarding hygiene practices. Students take keen interest in these shows and then they practically apply those practices in their lives.

[Students & teachers watching Mobile Cinema Show in Bibi Ayesha Siddiqa Middle School_Surkhe Parsa]

We conducted different surveys to measure the positive changes in the behavior of students. We conducted monitoring surveys three times i.e. June, august and September. The result shows enormous changes in the behavior of the students.
According to the results of the surveys, in June 35.25% students have very good hygiene practices. The ratio increases to 58.91% in September. The ratio of students with poor hygiene practices decreases from 12.66% to 7.79%.

Mobile cinema particularly focus on low grade students and the ratio of students with good hygiene practices increases from 7.01% to 29.24%.The low performance of low graders decreases from 23.25% to 15.25%.This year results shows that mobile cinema have a very good impact on the performance of students especially low grade students.

We are hoping that by continuing this programme we will be able to bring a persistent positive change in the live of students.

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