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Victims Put Hope for Reconstruction into Paintings

Here in Ishinomaki, September 29 was a clear Sunday of autumn with blue sky. On this day local junior high students draw pictures at "Manekino House", a meeting place in Ishonomaki.
(For more on "Manekino House", click here.)

【Together volunteered to work local residents and students from Kadonowaki junior high school art club and.】
The students decided what to paint after interviewing residents so that they might be able to draw paintings that are very Kadonowaki-like and everybody likes. In the hope that Ishinomaki makes its recovery as soon as possible, they painted Ishinomaki's abundant nature, trees, flowers, animal,...and pre-disaster lively streetscapes as well as post-reconstruction streetscapes.

【Students and residents painted on their own themes.】




The painting will have been completed by mid October. It was impressing to see local passers-by with smiles stop to see students painting. They looked having a renewed feeling of hope to see the students drawing happily.

JEN will continue engaging in efforts to support local residents in revitalizing their own town and children in involving in those activities.

【In hopes that "ex-residents living in temporary housing come back",...】

◆JEN continues recruiting volunteers to assist earthquake disaster reconstruction. The planned volunteer activities for September-December period have been renewed. For details, click here.
If you consider joining volunteer work in a group, please contact us.

◆Radio Talk Show "Sukidatsucha ❤ Ishonomaki" airs every Friday noon at 12:30, repeats every Sunday morning at 10:30.
People of Ishinomaki who are moving ahead toward reconstruction will make a guest appearance on the show.
You can listen to the talk show on Radio Ishinomaki or on the internet via Simul Radio (http://www.jen-npo.org/en/6498/) anuwhere in the world! Don't miss it! Let us know how you liked it.

====For urgent donation…↓↓↓↓↓↓

○Postal transfer account No.: 00170-2-538657
Account holder: JEN
Please write “Tohoku Earthquake” on the liaison column.

○Credit card: http://www.jen-npo.org/en/contribute/credit.php?country=s-thk&select1=0#now
Please select “Tohoku Earthquake” from the pull-down.

For any inquiries regarding bank transfers, please contact Tomita or Asakawa in JEN Tokyo Office at 03-5225-9352

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