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Various Livestock in Pakistan

From 16th to 19th October, a big religious festival called Eid ul-Adha was held and celebrated by Muslims all over the world, and of course here in Pakistan too. Most people purchase a livestock for this celebration and sacrifice to Allah, distribute it equally in 3 parts, poor people, relatives and neighbors, and for yours.

Not only this holiday “Eid ul-Adha”, but preparing a livestock and eat meat for their celebration is very common here. Pakistan has a lot of famous and delicious meat menu and rich culture for livestock, but on the other hand there are few regulations for the food that we do not know. Islam is known well that they are not allowed to eat pork. But in Holy Quoran, it also mentioned that blood and dead animals are also not allowed, and all meats should be halal. For example, soft-shell turtles “suppon” and sausage we regularly eat is applicable on this regulation.

Below are the animals we can see easily in Pakistan. Some are edible and some are not.

1. Goat
Common meat, and use for milk product too.

2. Donkey
Not allowed to eat by Islam.
Common use is carrying people and burden.

3. Cow
Common meat, and use for milk product too.

4. Camel
Edible and use for carrying people and burden.

5. Horse
Do not eat in normal situation, but edible.
Common use is for carrying people and burden.

6. Sheep
Edible, produce wool and milk

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