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The Soap Making Group Held an Event to Promote Sanitation

The “Tinate” group (Tinate: “Thank you” in a local South Sudanese language) consisting of 20 female and 5 male stags made soaps in the Ombasi village in Yei distrct, Otogo Payam.

The purpose of making soaps is to improve the health conditions by improving public sanitation levels though the practices such as washing hands with soap, keeping the body clean, and washing clothing using soap.

During the training, a trial piece of soap was made out of local resources. The soap was then cut into small pieces and distributed to the villagers so they could use them and give feedback.

[The prototype soap made during the training]

Because the prototype was a success, the group held an event to teach the importance of sanitation, using the soap as a giveaway gift for those who attended. To make sure the event would leave a strong impact, the event was for around 2 hours so the villagers wouldn’t get too bored, and it took place during the Saturday market held every week at  Ombasi village.

[Locals gathered at the market to watch the event]

The “Tinate” group marched around the market singing the sanitation song they composed, and the event started with the chief’s speech.

[The “Tinate” group members marching]

There were songs, dances, and a play using the soap. The event ended with a sanitation quiz that the audience could participate in.

[The sanitation quiz taking place]

Previously, JEN had conducted sanitation training for elementary school teachers in the 15 public schools in the district. A teacher who had participated in the training was at the market during the event, and she joined in and sang the sanitation song together with the group. (The woman with the green earrings)

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October 3, 2013 in South Sudan |