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Seasonal Fruits in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is an agricultural country and rich for many fruits. These fruits are seasonal product, and the greatest plantations are pomegranate, grapes, and apple.

Grapes can be eaten as raw or they can be use of making wine (Not allowed in Afghanistan), juice, and jam as normally we know. But in Afghanistan, we also use for vinegar and Grape seed oil. This is a big product in Afghanistan and exports to foreign countries as India, Pakistan, and European countries. They have farmer fields of Grapes in a variety black grapes, green grapes, reddish grapes, small in size large in size.

Apple is also big product in Afghanistan. Originally, apples have been grown by thousands of years in these Asian area and Europe and brought to America in 17th century. And also one of the main export industry for Afghanistan.

Pomegranate is a fruit with the coming spring season all the trees are green.  It is one of the luscious fruit is found in some places such as Kandahar province, Kapisa province, Faryab province and Kandahar Kabul. Its botanical name is “Punica Ganatum”. The pomegranate is widely considered to have originated in the vicinity of Iran and have been cultivated since ancient times. Today it is cultivated throughout the region, in the Northern Areas the fruit is typically in season from September to February. And in Southern Areas the season is from March to May.
After picking up after pomegranate-shaped wooden box and professionals within and outside the market to sell, there is a lot of resistance to picking fruit from a tree after we closed for the day it can be kept in a cool place.
It is also very preferred in Pakistan for the prevention of Dengue fever, drinking pomegranate juice strongly boost the immune system.

Our office in Kabul has one pomegranate in the backside of building. Each year, seven months after the start of spring, the season comes in our office and staffs are harvesting the fruit.

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