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Quake Restoration Memorial Park Development Project, Citizens' Movement

The city of Ishinomaki where JEN carries on its activities has decided to build Quake Restoration Memorial Park jointly with Miyagi Prefecture by 2020 (Source: the website of Miyagi Prefecture).

As for the central hub in the park (the square of remembrance etc), Ishinomaki city and Miyagi Prefecture are supposed to continue their efforts to call on the central government to set it up. In the mean time, citizen-led efforts to foster momentum to the park development have started; workshops and study sessions have been organized by citizen volunteers in response to a call from local government.

【Minamihama district, the planned site for Quake Restoration Memorial Park(Picture taken from Hiyoriyama hill)】

On October 6, a total of 100 laurels and 625 box trees were planted to make a "forest of prayer" within the premises of Saikouji temple situated in the north of Minamihama district.

【Many citizens, volunteers joined in planting trees.】


This effort to make a "forest of prayer" has been principally organized by Ishinomaki Environment Network, an Ishinomaki-based NPO, with support from local government and experts. It is hoped to grow as a citizens' movement from now on.

According to current plans, Quake Restoration Memorial Park will be completed by 2020. It is in the year 2020 that Japan, hosting the Tokyo Olympics, attracts a great deal of attention from around the world. Most citizens who joined in the planting have a strong aspiration to show their reconstructed community to every people all over the world who helped them after the disaster.

Hoping reconstruction rolls forward just as flowers bloom or trees grow, JEN will continue its activities.

【"forest of prayer" just coming off planting】


◆JEN continues seeking volunteers to assist earthquake disaster reconstruction. The planned volunteer activities for September-December period have been renewed. For details, click here.
If you consider joining volunteer work in a group, please contact us.

◆Radio Talk Show "Sukidatsucha ❤ Ishonomaki" airs every Friday noon at 12:30, repeats every Sunday morning at 10:30.
People of Ishinomaki who are moving ahead toward reconstruction will make a guest appearance on the show.
You can listen to the talk show on Radio Ishinomaki or on the internet via Simul Radio
anywhere in the world!
Don't miss it! Let us know how you liked it

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