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College for Children to Learn about Hometown Offers Fishing Experience in Yagawahama

On October 20, JEN held "Furusato Kodomo College in Yagawahama", an event to offer children in Ishinomaki an opportunity of experiencing fishery. Members of UNIQLO Employee Reconstruction Support Project volunteered to help JEN ensure the safety of children and hold the event.

On that day children experienced fishing, making mother shells to raise oysters and clearing scallop shells of substances sticking to the front of the shells along with fishermen who are members of Yagawahama Fisheries Cooperative's Oyster Group.

【Children listen to fishermen showing how to make mother shells to raise oysters.】

【Scallop shells are stuck with barnacles and blue mussels! They need to be scraped off with kitchen knives.】

And the children's favorite was fishing!

【Being taught by fishermen, even a child who fishes for the first time gave it a try!】

【"I used to go fishing before the disaster but It's been a while since I last fished.", as one of the children said.】


Since the disaster, children have had fewer chances to go to the sea due to their psychological response to the disaster and evacuation life that forces them to live away from the sea. This event, therefore, is about getting the children who are bearers of Ishinomaki's future to love Ishinomaki much more by having them experience and become aware of the good things about their hometown.

The fishermen in Yagawahama who accepted the children looked very happy because the children's cheers echoed through their village where the number of children has decreased.

【On this day loads of mackerels were caught♪】


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