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Greetings from the newly appointed staff

Hello, my name is Tetsuro Kimura and I have been newly appointed to the post in the South Sudan office. JEN has two offices in South Sudan – one in the capital city of Juba, and the other at the project site, Yei. I am working at the office in Juba, and I am in charge of general affairs and accounting.

It is October, and the rainy season seems to be coming to an end. There are short downpours twice a day or so, but the heat and clear skies that follow these downpours reminds me that I am actually in Africa.

Looking at the city, there are many constructions of houses, hotels, and offices. However, some of the roads are not paved with concrete, electricity depends on power generators, and as for running water, each building draws its own ground water. In South Sudan, which has recently gained its independence, even the capital doesn’t have essential utilities.

I have been in charge of the support project in the Tohoku Ishinomaki office for the past 2 years. While taking part in the Tohoku project I felt strongly how so many people are assisting us.

I only came to South Sudan recently, but I hope to do my best with the activities here.

[Myself on the left and two other staff members, outside the office/lodging area]

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October 17, 2013 in South Sudan |