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First day of the new academic year

The new academic year has started on September 24, 2013 for all school stages (Kindergarten, Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools). Classes at universities, colleges and institutes commenced a couple of weeks later.

Before the start of a new academic year, families prepare their kids with necessary book bags, textbooks, stationary and school uniforms. Families also provide their children with transportations like taxi or bus school. The pupils began attending to their school after a summer holiday of 3 months.

On the first day, the pupils receive books from each school for free of charge, which was distributed on behalf of the Ministry of Education (MoE). MoE also provides and distributes note books to the pupils in primary schools. Other than
that, some charity organizations provide and distribute stationery to some schools too.

The pupils taking lessons from the first day of study hours and homework were issued by the teachers. The pupils met each other and they talked about their summer holidays and where they spend during the summer.

All families were afraid about terrorist attacks during when they aren’t around their children. These attacks are increasing and claim hundreds of people’s lives each week. The security situation affects pupils’ presenting daily to their schools and spread fear among them on their faces.

In recent years, some primary schools (for the first stage) have invited parents to meet the teachers in school on events called (acquaintance between teachers and parents). Usually this event is held in the school for parental convenience and presents each other; the parent's tries to assist and encourage the kids for education. This year, as written above, many parents discussed with the teachers on how to deal with the risky security situation.

[Pupils in the classroom]

[Pupils excited about the start of their new year]

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