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CInauguration of 2 water tanks and 4 kiosks in Lafferonnay (Leogane)

Funded by the ministry of foreign affairs of Japan, the current project JEN Haiti is implementing is once again in the water sector.

In close collaboration with DINEPA (national directorate for water and sanitation) JEN is establishing water management committees (WMCs) in rural areas while renovating or/and building new water facilities.

On Sunday 27th of October 2013, JEN staff took part in the inauguration of the second site to be inaugurated on this project.

After Jeanty, locality of Grand Goave where JEN did build 1 water tank and 2 kiosks, it was this time the moment to inaugurate the second water network concerned by the project.

Located in Leogane the community of Lafferonnay already had a water network in the past. Funded by Haitians from abroad the network had unfortunately been severely damaged by the earthquake of January 2010.

In addition with renovating the network JEN also did improve it by building 4 kiosks where water will be sold for a symbolic 1 Haitian gourde per bucket (2 US cents for 20 litres!). JEN did also build 2 water tanks in order to store more than enough water for evenings use as the pumping system gets its energy from solar panels.

[1 of the 4 kiosks built by JEN on current project funded by MOFA of JAPAN]

Logistically supported by JEN and prepared by the members of the WMC and the hygiene promotion volunteer team of the locality the ceremony did last 2 hours starting with an official presentation of the members of the WMC and the concept of self-management of water distribution in within the community.

[President of WMC introducing the members to the population]

It is the first time JEN is inaugurating a network where payment of water would be by consumption instead of a monthly fee regardless of the use.

It is actually a fairly new requirement from DINEPA as the subscription system has shown its limits the last few years. In some communities the amount of registered families is so small that it is impossible to take enough money out of the budget in order to give a little salary or incentive to the kiosk worker... difficult in these conditions to find someone motivated to work on an almost full time position for free!

With the system of payment per bucket the position of kiosk worker becomes much more attractive and motivating as 25% of the income will be the salary of the employee!

In a place like Lafferonnay the “salary” won’t reach the minimum 5 US Dollars/day imposed by Haitian labour law but in the other hand the position is quite comfortable as opening hours are generally not more than 6 hours a day and the work quite easy.

In term of sustainability as well this new policy should have significant effects as it guaranty benefits for the Water Management Committee, allowing it to repair or replace in the future whatever has to be fixed or changed.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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