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Children Have Dance Recital: Fruits of One-year Practice at Dance Class

On October 13, Children attending JEN's dance class have made public the fruits of their twelve-month-old practiced dance at Watanoha performing arts festival held at Watanoha community hall.

【Many local audiences turned up at Watanoha community hall, the venue for the event.】

With the help of Ms. Ryoko Nomura and Ms. Minami Zushi who belong to R2Creative dance studio in Tokyo, JEN has had a dance class every month since October 2012 to provide children from all over the city of Ishinomaki with opportunities of dissolving the lack of exercise, relieving stress and having time for mixing with others and learning. (For more on the dance class, click here.)

Today, the results of the children's one-year efforts are debuted!

【Children dance in total synchronization. (It's too bad not to be able to present you their performance with video clips!).】

The children's endearing dance performance led the audience to give them warm hands and junior high students' outstanding mature acting caused the audience to exclaim in admiration.

Even JEN staff members got misty eyed to see how the children have developed artistically.

【Local people were happy to watch the children as they dance.】

Looking back over the past twelve months, the children and their parents were heard to say, quote, "One of the things that were good for us is we were able to make lots of friends and classmates through dancing."

Dancing has provided them with a place where they were able to get precious friends, learn and expand the wave of exchanges.

Emotional closure of sorts as was this recital, the dance class will be continued.

As always, JEN appreciates your continuing support for its activities.

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