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Bring together the livestock department and IDPs

Before the start of the current livelihood recovery project it was realized that there is a gap between IDPs living in DI Khan and the district livestock department. Especially when it comes to raising the awareness of the people on livestock management, there were no proper linkages. A strategy was developed to include the district livestock department officials in the awareness sessions and trainings. Also to include the livestock doctors at the concerned Union Counsels as members in the LRC (livelihood recovery committee).
After the commencement of the project a meeting was set with district livestock department. The concerned issue of the involvement of livestock department with the IDPs community was discussed in detail. The district livestock officials agreed to provide support in the project activities.
Livestock doctors from the department were involved from the initial awareness sessions before distributions. Contact details of the doctors were shared with the targeted community so that they can take guidance and support from them in the future.


After the sessions the district livestock officer joined the LEW (Livestock Extension Workers) training as a facilitator.


When the first LRC was formed two of the livestock department officials were included as members in the committee. The same procedure will be followed in forming the 2nd LRC.


By all these measures it was made possible that line department and IDPs living in the target areas come close to one another and to be in proper coordination. The target beneficiaries are now engaged with the district livestock department. This will be a sustainability factor after the phase out of JEN from the targeted areas and till the time the IDPs living in these areas.

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October 24, 2013 in Pakistan |