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Agricultural workshop in East

Today I introduce an agricultural workshop in East.
JEN isn’t only providing agricultural wells, but also agricultural workshops to empower the productivity, using the wells.
In the workshop, the beneficiaries don’t only listen to a lecture, share and discuss their issue.
So far, 1 group is made up of near beneficiaries and the workshops were held in each group.
This time, JEN makes an opportunity to gather all groups.
Expansion of their community, awareness of their good and bad points and strengthening their union by comparison with other groups are expected through this trial.


We introduce some practices, observing a real organic pesticide and pest with a microscope, to keep concentration of beneficiaries.



JEN staffs make the minutes to share the lesson through the discussion.


This agricultural workshop is supported by Agricultural Department and their mark is printed on the hand-out as their authorization.


At the beginning of the session, participants are nervous because of the first bout. But once the discussion was begun, they relaxed and the discussion was activated.
I believe this trial lead strengthening the community.

Administration & Finance Officer in Sri Lanka office: Tomoo Nasuda

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October 31, 2013 in Sri Lanka |