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Volunteers Support in Carrying Mikoshi Around Oginohama Cove

On September 9, an autumn festival was held in Oginohama, Ishinomaki.

【Mikoshi paraded through Oginohama where reconstruction work continues.】


【They prepared for the festival in the rain the day before, but nothing was to be seen but beautiful blue sky on the festival day.】


Oginihama, located at the base of the Oshika Peninsula, used to be a home to some fifty households. With almost all of the houses in Oginohama swept away by the tsunami, thirteen families are now living in temporary housing and others are forced to evacuate to Ishinomaki city or Sendai city.

【Mikoshi parading from beach to temporary housing(in the picture on the front right).】

Oginohama's festival is known for its mikoshi (portable shrine) being paraded through Oginohama Cove on boat. Although it suffers from a serious shortage of hands due to massive exodus after the disaster, it has been taken place every year even in the year of the disaster thanks to the support of many volunteers who continue interacting communities in the disaster stricken areas including JEN.

【Mikoshi was headed for the cove.】

【Many volunteers support the festival.】

Ms. Miyuki Esashi who was elected to Oginohama ward mayoress in this August says "Because young people have left Oginihama, frankly we can't even carry mikoshi down the stone steps of our shrine without volunteers' help. It'll not until the whole town finishes moving to high ground that residents can return to Oginohama and it'll take many more years. I'm afraid the exodus continues in the meantime and we come to be unable to sustain our community. So I want to work on securing housing and land for not only the victims but people outside Oginihama who say to me 'I'd like to live in Oginohama' in order to welcome those people and sustain our community."

【Ms. Esashiin is pictured in the middle of the front row in pink T-shirt. Her naturally positive attitude lead Oginohama.】




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