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The Young Join Summer Volunteer

Perhaps because schools have gone on summer vacation, many students are visiting Ishinomaki for volunteer work. On August 29, twenty-five students at Kansai Gakuin Senior High School volunteered to help us weed a flower garden.

【Students are pulling out overgrown weeds.】

Sunflowers as well as many other flowers in the garden have bloomed beautifully, which were planted in June.
JEN is assisting "Spread Flower Garden through Human Connection", a movement based on an idea of students at Kadonowaki Junior High School. For More information, click here (250 rally for flower movement before Kadonowaki elementary school)

Many pupils and junior high school students taken by their parents also participated in recent volunteer work at Amijima Island.

【Children worked hard among adults!】

When they were asked what brought them to participate in the volunteer work, many of them answered that they wanted to come here in the post-disaster period, but it was impossible; they want to help with whatever they still can do. JEN believes it's JEN's task to serve as a bridge between volunteers who have compassion like them and victims in disaster stricken-areas.

【On July 24, students at Kadonowaki Junior High volunteered to plant flowerers.】

【On August 29, post-weeding】

The movement has produced masses of flowerers with support from children across the country in the past month. No doubt many flowerers have also bloomed in those children's heart.


JEN continues recruiting volunteers to assist earthquake disaster reconstruction.
For details, click here (To be posted).
If you consider joining volunteer work in a group, please contact us.

☆Radio Talk Show "Sukidatsucha ❤ Ishonomaki" airs every Friday noon at 12:30, repeats every Sunday morning at 10:30.
People of Ishinomaki who are moving ahead toward reconstruction will make a guest appearance on the show.
You can listen to the talk show on Radio Ishinomaki or on the internet via Simul Radio anywhere in the world! Don't miss it! Let us know how you liked it.

====For urgent donation…↓↓↓↓↓↓

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Account holder: JEN
Please write “Tohoku Earthquake” on the liaison column.

○Credit card: http://www.jen-npo.org/en/contribute/credit.php?country=s-thk&select1=0#now

Please select “Tohoku Earthquake” from the pull-down.

For any inquiries regarding bank transfers, please contact Tomita or Asakawa in JEN Tokyo Office at 03-5225-9352

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