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Introduction of my job as person in charge of South Sudan

Nice to meet you. I am Yoko Shimbo and I am in charge of South Sudan in Tokyo headquarters. I started working at JEN this May and four months have passed.

South Sudan, the region I am in charge of, JEN started water sanitary business seven years ago. My main job is to write up the reports about the previous projects of the last year, deal with the external matters and do the paperwork. I would like to know the situation as much as possible, even if I am far away by communicating with local people and by reading the reports they send me periodically.

One of the projects we are doing is making soaps and help the local people understand the importance of washing hands. I received the photos of soaps they made as trial models the other day. They are very pretty and well-made.

I placed more expectations on their future activity.


[Finished soap]

I had joined some of JEN events since I worked JEN such as Supporters Club, Chabo Run, Symposium I am willing to join the events actively.

[I participated in the Chabo Run]

There are many things I don’t understand. However, I will try my best to provide the local people in South Sudan withe the tools they need to be independent.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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