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Impact of personal hygiene


Three year old girl Shagufta recently arrived to her hometown Dangar Godo (Central Kurram) with her parents after long displacement.

She was displaced when she was a breast feeding baby. During her stay in IDPs camp she did not have chance to go to school or madrassa, that’s why her personal and hygienic attitude was not good. Like other children she was also unaware from hygiene practices and her parents were also uneducated from the upcoming result. If she was kept unaware of the hygiene, her habit might badly affect her health and school attendance as well.

In addition, diarrheal diseases are common in that area and Shagufta is one of those children who are facing it.

Personal Hygiene is one of the main components of JEN current project. JEN is organizing Hygiene awareness sessions activity in 7 villages of Central Kurram. As a result of this activity we are observing that most of community especially children are adopting the good hygiene practices (reported by parents and observed by us). We met Shagufta and she quoted in her own words “I was feeling weakness and dizziness all the time, and feel very week all the time. I usually feel tired when I do anything”


After getting the information about personal hygiene and its importance in healthy life she practically exercised that good hygiene practices in daily life and when we ask question from her father about her positive attitude he answered
“My daughter learnt lesson from JEN team that those who are not wearing shoes, worm from the dirt may insert in the body and reproduce the eggs in human body. Therefore that person will be hurting by Doctor Uncle” He further said “We are very thankful and praying for JEN which really takes care of us and our children’s health and education as well”.

Reported By : Shah Hussain Senior Field Officer JEN, Kurram Agency FATA

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