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Monitoring report in North projet

I introduce a current project at Mullaitive, northern Sri Lanka, funded by the Ministry of foreign affair of Japan.

The project in north has 2 same components; constructions of agro-well as water supply for agriculture and workshops for formation of the well management community and empowerment of the community as east. But there are different difficulties.


On construction of well, geology is different from east.
While a drill is used in east because the ground has hard bedrocks, it’s no need in north.
But the soft soil often causes collapse of the excavated hall.

[Collapsed well]

The local community has difficulty to introduce common use of the well.
The community has resistance to share the well because they feel fear that 1 beneficiary constructed the well in his land will occupy the well, saying “Today, there are no enough quantity of water.”
Therefore, JEN make an environment to use their well without restraint through the construction of the well on their boundary of their land.

The communication among the beneficiaries is mainly promoted by community workers belonging the village.
The coordination by them also is one of the programs to enforce the community.

[Community wokers]

Administration & Finance Officer in Sri Lanka office:
Tomoo Nasuda

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