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"Hamakon 2013": Matchmaking Event was Held

For one night and two days from September 21, JEN hosted "Hamakon 2013", a matchmaking event, in cooperation with Zwei Co., Ltd. and Yahoo Japan Corporation.

Rural areas on the Oshika Penisula, Isinomaki where the event took place now have difficulties in securing successors to fishery and improving the plight of depopulation because of the rapid aging of the population amid extremely low birth rates. In the hope of overcoming these problems by bringing brides to bride-poor rural areas, people in the rural areas asked JEN to launch an event to address this problem.
The event was designed to make one step forward in preventing successors from deserting rural areas and rural population from aging by providing encounters between man in the rural areas and women inside and outside Miyagi prefecture, taking advantage of a konkatsu boom among young people--- konlatsu: a buzz word of the moment, a play on the Japanese words for marriage and action.

【A ceremony to introduce participants, a tense moment!】

Eighteen mail participants from nine rural areas and ten female participants from in and around the Miyagi prefecture joined in the event. Day one, after introducing themselves to each other, the participants had free conversation while enjoying fireworks and barbecuing the blessings of the sea such as oysters and blue mussels the male participants had caught. The barbecue was extremely well-received and the female participants seemed to get to know that the Oshika Peninsula is a place where they can enjoy the fruits of the sea almost every day.

【Under a sky full of countless stars, a figure of a couple was silhouetted by fireworks.】

Day two, those male participants from Oohara district gave a performance of Shishifuri, a traditional lion dance. In order to get the female participants to know what a job at sea is like, other male participants in usual work clothes also explained their job, trying to appeal more to female participants. So the male participants were able to show the female participants that they are cool guys.

【Now the last hours for hot date】

The two-day event provided an opportunity for all participants to get to know each other and for the female participants to learn about the Oshika Peninsula and to enjoy a relaxed time in a rural area.

Now it was time for the male participants to tell the female participants how they felt.

Would couples be made...

【The two was celebrated by the others.】

Surprisingly (!), eight couples were made at last!!!

【The oldest 59-year-old male participant also found a partner.】

Their many, many happy smiles were there and moved us, staff members!

【A couple exchanged addresses and phone numbers.】

With a couple exchanging goodbye saying "I'll come back again!", "Talk with you soon!", the male participants, waving their hands in lingering farewell, saw the bus carrying the female participants off.

"Hamakon 2013" successfully ended.

Even those participants who unfortunately couldn't find their partners spent enjoyable two days having delicious foods in the beautiful nature of the Oshika Peninsula.

Congratulations, sixteen participants who have happily made couples! JEN will continue to stand with them in their efforts to nurture their love and become lifelong, happy couples. JEN is committed to continued activities in filling rural areas on the sea with smiling faces.

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