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Engaging Parents in our Project

The current project is in the final phase. I would like to share with joy that we are working on the last school, E Girl’s School. Today, I would like to share some comments that we received during our meeting with the Headmaster and some parents.

 [Parents in the meeting]

The Headmaster mentioned that he was satisfied with the quality of restoration. Is seems that the cleaning workers are saying that in the past, the latrines were in very poor conditions, but after going through repair, they all look clean and easy to use. They are satisfied that the toilet facilities are more beautiful. Moreover, the Headmaster said, “Educational assistance from JEN allows students to improve their health conditions, and in result, the educational level will improve.”

 I fully agree. The health aspect is one of the most important benefits enjoyed by students, and is also the first step towards achieving success. Students are able to concentrate on their studies on the basis of good health.

 The parents were also very happy with the improvement in their children’s health and hygiene awareness. One parent said, “The latrines were totally dysfunctional before, and now they are so clean that my child says that she likes the toilet facility at the school better than the one in our home.” Many parents mentioned that they appreciated how JEN provided cleaning materials as well as hygiene kits to the school. It seems that the distributed materials have an important role in raising student’s awareness in cleanness at both the school and home.

 I need to say that knowing that the students are practicing hygienic behaviors not only at the school but also in their homes is wonderful.

 [In front of clean toilet facilities]

JEN Engineer  Bassam


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September 12, 2013 in Iraq |