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A story of happiness from a teacher

Pyroki village is located in Surkhe Parsa district and in 2012 JEN planned to start need assessment and technical survey for the next year WASH program plan.

As a member of survey team I also visited that school, during survey I realized and noted a lot of problems of this school and met with a teacher by the name of Muhammad Ewaz who was teaching in that school.

He explained the problem of students, teachers and school in detail and told me the problems which he was facing during his duties as teachers until today.
I asked him if an organization come and solve your school problems, what will be your and your community cooperation and contribution in this regard. After listening, I saw a big smile on his face due to pleasure which is difficult to describe in words. He said that I myself and my entire villager will co-operate the best with such as organization to give us such support to built our school and solve our many school problems.

After our project was approved and I went again to the same school for construction layout, again I faced Mr. Muhammad Ewaz.  He was in hurry to reach me and when he came close to me he strongly hugged me which was showing his happiness for the school construction and children’s future comfort and easy access to the basic needs for education.

He said, “it was my wish that I met you once again and he said it is like he dreamed and his dream came true with JEN support. Today I myself and our entire community are very happy for it”.

[With teacher during layout planning ]

[under construction school]

Last week after completion of about 88% work once again I met Mr. Muhammad Ewaz and his happiness was increased this time. He again thanks to JEN staffs and JEN NGO who supported his community. He suddenly disappeared and before going he told us to wait for a while. A little later he came back and brought a delicious meal (milk, yogurt, butter, salad and bread) which was made by his wife for us and culturally people do it to show their happiness and welcome to the people.

We were glad that local people think positive about JEN and they are thankful to all JEN staffs and those who are helping from Japan.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

September 12, 2013 in Afghanistan |