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The 3rd "Come to join fishing event!" Takes Place: Hands on Fishing Experience

On August 3-4, the third "Come to join fishing event!" was held at Higashihama on the Oshika Peninsula which was planned by an executive committee organized by local resident volunteers.

【With the rainy season over, the weather was perfect for fishing.】

This year's program, the third, featured a lot of hands-on experience such as gill net fishing, cooking, get-together, beach cleanup, study tour of aquaculture facility and so on.

【Day one: the program's main attraction was to experience gill net fishing.】

Participants hauled the gill net set two days in advance with hoists. A variety of fishes caught in the net were pulled up onto their boat one after another; flatfishes, mantis shrimps, coho salmons, greenlings, rock trout, sea urchin and so on. The participant even fishermen were surprised to see an astonishingly good haul.

【I caught a big flatfish!】

【They also challenged to make sashimi.】

During the experience of making sashimi under the guidance from fishermen, they were confused with large-sized fishes because they haven't cooked that big fishes. Also having local dishes served by Higashihama's women, they enjoyed the get-together.

【They experienced to make mother shells to raise oysters.】

【Beach Cleaning】1

【A crab caught in a net】

In the morning on day two, breaking into two groups, they worked on making mother shells to raise oysters and beach cleaning respectively.

【Study tour of aquaculture facility】

In the afternoon, they went on a study tour of aquaculture facility, learning how to culture oysters. "'When I came to Ishinomaki two years ago, an improbable sight was outspread before me. But today, as a fan of Higashihama, I was really glad to be able to get on with people here and have such a wonderful time.', ' Learning about fishery, I was able to have an unique experience of mixing with people in the community.'" As participants said, expressing a feeling of enjoyment.

Because "deepening the human interaction can enliven Higahsihama and so we want many more people to know Higashihama", members of the executive committee for "Come to join fishing event!" has began to plan next program. Next "Come to join fishing event!" is scheduled from November 23th to the 24th. Don't miss it!

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