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Subsequent Efforts to Maintain Flower Garden in front of Old Kadonowaki Elementary School Building, Kadonowaki District

I express heartfelt sympathy on behalf of the entire staff to those who've been damaged by storm rainfall around the country of late. I pray for their earliest possible recovery. Ishinomaki has also been damaged, such as streets being submerged, some of the temporary houses for survivors being flooded under floor level and so on, but no major human suffering has been reported.

Changing the subject, JEN's outreach initiative assisted students at Kadonowaki Junior High School in planting flowers in front of Kadonowaki Elementary School on June 26 (For more, click herehttp://jenhp.cocolog-nifty.com/jen_blog/tohoku_earthquake/index.html). Thanks to steady rain, those flowers are growing well. It is on what followed the activity that is picked up this time.

【A flower garden before schoolyard】

The building of Kadonowaki Elementary School is now veiled with a curing sheet and its schoolyard is used as a temporary exercise ground for Ishinomaki Municipal Girls' School. The flower garden in front of the schoolyard is covered with pretty bloom. Small seedlings of sunflowers have now grown up a lot.

【Volunteers are helping in weeding.】


As the flowers grow, pesky weeds also grow apace. Weeding has been entrusted to volunteers. Employees from RICOH Japan volunteered to weed on this day.

【Citizen volunteers water the flower garden.】

JEN asked watering flowers of citizens living in and around Kadonowakicho, Ishinomaki, and they have agreed to do as a community initiative during the summer.

It is a handful of survivors who have rebuilt their houses in Kadonowaki district. It will take years of time for residents to be able to return to their renewed town which is yet to be re-demarcated. JEN is committed to helping to bring local communities to life through outreach initiatives that children and local people can work on together such as flower planting.


◆General Information
Mr. Eiichi Honma, the director of Kadonowaki town's "Maneki community" was invited onto "Sukidaltsucha ❤ Ishinomaki by JEN", a radio talk show hosted by JEN, on July 19 to talk about his determination to reconstruct his town. Please listen to the archive of the talk show (Click
here). (Japanese Only)
"Maneki Community" is about reorganizing existing neighborhood associations for people living in Kadonowakicho to promote community activities. He says it was named after the traditional name of the place, punning on a Japanese word for "to invite many people", Maneku, because which sounds similar to it.

☆Radio Talk Show "Sukidatsucha ❤ Ishonomaki by JEN" Broadcast every Friday noon at 12:30. You can listen on the internet via Simul Radio anywhere in the world! Click here to listen.(Japanese Only)
Well-received, the talk show will be rebroadcasted every Sunday morning at 9:30 from August. The appeal of Ishinomaki, Ishinomakians' determination to reconstruction will go out. Don't miss it.

【JEN is now accepting donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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